The Pedestal EP

by Loren Prothero

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released February 24, 2011

Produced by Calvin Barnes
Mastered by Nathan Dantzler at The Hit Lab, North Hollywood, CA

Guitars, Vocals: Loren Prothero
Drums on "I've Got You Now", "Godsend", and "Gave It Everything": Garth Justice
Strings on "Godsend": Cara Fox (Cello) and Eleonore Denig (Violin)
All other instrumentation, programming, and mixing: Calvin Barnes
Recorded at The Skyline Room in Spring Hill, TN

Photography: JFP Photography
Artwork and Design: Chris Barrett



all rights reserved


Loren Prothero Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: On Fire
You may be walking in a crowd of people
But I can see you coming miles away
You think that you are something special
You think that you are the next big thing

When you opened your mouth
Couldn't believe what I heard

If you say you got it then why don't you got it
If you say you're here then where did you go
I've got a message for you
Why don't you just go home
And set yourself on fire

How many ways do I have to say it
You standing here is just a waste of time
Your plate ain't big enough to hold
What you are looking at
And there's so many other people in line

It's time to move it along
And get you back to your life

written by Loren Prothero
Track Name: I've Got You Now
I know what I've got
And since I have you now
I'm never letting go
I never had to question why
I've always known that

We can conquer the world
Like nobody ever could
Together we're invincible
It's only once in a lifetime
That this love is possible

You are something without me
But I'm nothing without you
You're so beautiful to me
And you fade away my blues

I know what I want
And since you want me too
Well, we've go things to do
Let's paint a picture of what it looks like
To live our lives
Just me and you

This love is so unreal
I like how you make me feel

I don't wanna go
And try to face the world
I can't be here without you
How could I go on
I'm just not that strong
Without you
Can you tell me

written by Loren Prothero, Jason Barrett, and Scott Faircloff
Track Name: Pedestal
I went back to the start
Sifting through my heart
And measured through it all
There, looking deep within
It wasn’t quite a sin
But a selfish state of mind

Wanting so much more
The answer I was looking for
Had never been that far

In my kingdom, so unstable
And high above humble ground
It was unveiling that I am capable
Of finding my way back down
From the pedestal I had found

Look deep into these eyes
There’s a man deep inside
Abandoning his pride
This time, I am letting go
It’s a feeling I’ve never known
Transformation has begun

The sky is all around me
But I’m feeling lonely
I’m falling till I hit the floor
From my pedestal

written by Loren Prothero and Jason Barrett
Track Name: Godsend
Empty hole
Deep within the soul
Searching for
A pill to fill the void
Restless heart
A home torn apart
God knows when
A hand reached out

Who will befriend
Who will help mend
This broken man
And be a godsend

Back inside
The car is safe and dry
Tears that fall
For every wish denied
Desease is flowing
And consuming
Now you know
Your world is crumbling

written by Loren Prothero and Scott Fairclough
Track Name: Gave It Everything
Please don't give me a hard time
Because I've been doing double time
I've been searching for security
There is nothing you can say
Just consider us at bay
The further away you are the better

I gave it everything
You gave me nothing to believe in
You found it so easy to take what I was giving
How could you just live so carelessly
When I gave it everything
I had no though of receiving
Everything I had I threw it at your feet
How could you leave me here in pieces
When you took everything

Now that you've got a grasp
On the situation
And I have all of your attention
Maybe there's still a friendship we can save
But there is nothing here worth reminiscing
You can't live your whole live this way
You're gonna need somebody someday

written by Loren Prothero